Past Show: PmpVsMassiveComebackSpecial
Sun, Aug 04 2019 | 10:00 - 12:05 (UTC)

It's been a solid five months since I last said that I'd simply do shows a bit more sparsely and I do apologize for the long void. Fortunately, Slaygon and Ziona have generally been picking up the slack.

The good news - hopefully - is that this show will be choc-full of a one or two new features. Given that they're not complete and that announcing this show is partially an intentional self-motivator on my behalf, I'd rather not note what exactly the show will feature. All the more reason to tune in and find out ;)

I'll be talking quite a bit about how I put my foot in my mouth in a few social situations as well as playing the usual plethora of C-64 game tunez.